2-axle agricultural tipping trailer DEZEURE

DEZEURE offers you a gamma of tandem tipping trailers with a carrying capacity from 12T up to 18T and with container length from 5200mm up to 7700mm.

  • Hydraulic rear door with maximum free space.‚Äč
    • A rear door in 2 parts is possible.
  • Tyres of choice up to 1,5m of height.
  • Large gamma of versions.‚Äč
    • The dimensions, tyres, options can be assembled as you which. That way you can create the best fitting tipping trailer for your company. 
    • You can find an overview of all options in the brochure, which is downloadable on this page.

Our most popular models with 2 axles: 

D16 TLA - 6450x2300x1500 / D16 A - 6200x2300x1200

  • Extension 400mm
  • Reinforced top edge
  • Hydraulic rear door, 1-part
  • Drawbar with cross suspension
  • Truck lighting
  • Axles #130/10
  • Reinforced bogie

--> Hydraulic suspension is possible

Technical data


Carrying capacity 

Dimensions Volume Weight Loading floor height Axles
D12TA 12000kg 5200x2200x1000 +(200) 16,5m³ 4050kg 1380mm #90/8
D13TA 13000kg 5500x2200x1000 +(400) 17m³ 4350kg 1380mm #90/8
D14TA 14000kg 5700x2200x1000  +(400) 17,5m³ 5250kg 1380mm #90/8
D15TA 15000kg 5950x2200x1000 +(400) 18m³ 5500kg 1380mm #90/8
D16TA 16000kg 6200x2200x1000  +(400) 19m³ 5750kg 1480mm #100/10
D16TLA 16000kg 6450x2200x1000 +(400) 20m³ 6000kg 1480mm #100/10
D17TA 17000kg 6700x2200x1000 +(400) 20,5m³ 6200kg 1480mm #130/10
D17TLA 17000kg 6950x2200x1000 +(400) 21m³ 6350kg 1480mm #130/10
D18TA 18000kg 7200x2200x1000 +(400) 22m³ 6500kg 1560mm #130/10
D18TLA 18000kg 7450x2200x1000 +(400) 23m³ 6700kg 1560mm #130/10
D19TA 18000kg 7700x2200x1000 +(400) 23,5m³ 6950kg 1560mm #130/10

Standard equipment

* Floor plate 5mm * Rope hooks to fix a cover
* Side walls 3mm               * Hydraulic jack + line
* Automatic rear door, 2-parts * Hydraulic brakes
* Grain chute * See-through grill with Perspex
* Tipping angle min.60° * Sandblasted before painting
* Hydraulic tipping with oil from the tractor * 2 component primer + 2 component high quality lacquer
* Lighting * Tyres 1400 x 20
* Swiveling hitching eyelet                              * Galvanized retractable ladder
* Towbar at the backside of the trailer                                             * Galvanized bumper
* Cylinder with chrome finish * Bogie