Overload Trailer 2 axles

The most popular model

(MULTI) TRANS D20: Inner container dimensions: L: 7700 mm | W: 2300 mm | H: 1300 mm 

The most popular version:

  • Hydraulic suspension
  • All LED lighting + 4 worklights
  • Hydraulic control of the floor with 2 motors
  • Unloading in 2 speeds
  • Potato floor: usable for carrots, onions,... as well (option: sealed floor for grains)
  • Hydraulic back door
  • AXLES: BPW #150/10 brakes 410x180 or pto driven axles MAN
  • Inspection platform at front and backside
  • Air or hydraulic brakes





Type Unloading height Dimensions Axle
(MULTI)TRANS D20 4,5m 7700x2300x1300 #110/10

Other models upon request

Type Unloading height Dimensions Axle
D18HI 3m 7200x2300x1200 #110/10
D16HH 4m 7200x2300x1300 #100/10

 Possible with traction on the axles!     


* Load transfer with toplink FLOOR
* Hydr. suspension on the drawbar * Floor for beets
* Add. working light(s) * Floor for potatoes (crops bigger than 1cm)
* Width lights * Floor sealed for grains (god for all types of crops)
* Stackable extensions * Stainless steel floor. / The complete loading space in stainless steel.
* Free steering axle with hydr. blocking * Special model for peas. 
* Forced steering axle(s) CONTROLS
* Forced steering axle(s) with automatic alignment * Controlled by the spool valves of the tractor (standard)
* Pto large angle * Hydraulic group on the trailer, pto driven
* Camera with 7" screen * Hydraulic unit working with the load sensing pump of the tractor
* Air breaks * SECUTOUCH: an easy to use touchscreen. With the SECUTOUCH you have a complete secured control of the trailer.
* Metallized chassis * Wireless remote control
* Other color possible on demand Automatic level control
* Automatic central graising DRIVEN AXLES 4 x 4 | 6 x 6
* Weighing system * Traction axles MAN with electro-pneumatic controlled gearbox
BEPERKTE VALHOOGTE * Secured by the SECUTOUCH controller
*Hydr. side panel. Possibility to load 500mm lower into the overload trailer                                                 * FREE WHEEL DRIVE
* Swan neck: downwards-inclined floor, overload lower into the trailer.  * Hydraulic link on the gearbox