Single axle muck spreader

Standard equipment

  • Lighting in bumper
  • Hydraulically powered moving floor
  • Stepless flow coontroller
  • 4 shipping chains for 8,5t / 9,5t / 10t
  • 2 shipping chains for 6t / 7t / 8t
  • Grill at the front
  • Galvanized headframe
  • 2 horizontal beaters in galvanized frame
  • Hydraulic brakes

Technical data


Body depth 

Body length Body width Carrying capacity Axles Shipping chains
6T 800mm 4250mm 1700mm 6000kg 70/8 2
7T 900mm 4250mm 1800mm 7000kg 80/8 2
8T 1000mm 4250mm 2000mm 8000kg 80/8 2
8,5T 1000mm 4500mm 2000mm 8500kg 90/8 4
9,5T 1000mm 5000mm 2000mm 9500kg 90/10 4
10,5T 1000mm 5250mm 2000mm 10500kg 100/10 4


Vertical shredding beaters


Horizontal beaters

Different spreader units


2 Vertical shredding beaters

  • These beaters ensure:
    • Fine crumbling
    • Wide spreading of the muck
  • Trays with large diameter ensure multifunctional usability
  • ‚Äč4 curved spirals
  • Fitted in a fully galvanized box
  • Provided with replaceable cutters in hardwearing


  • The combi-spreader is used for:
    • farmyard manure, compost, residual waste, lime, chicken manure, etc.
  • Advantages Combi-spreader:
    • Exact crumbling of different kinds of fertilizer
    • Wide spreading
  • 2 extended vertical beaters with cutters in hardwearing steel
  • Wide spreader discs at the bottom
  • Hydraulically controlled rear door over the beaters


  • The DISCUS is selected to spread different kinds of fertilizers over a great width (up to 30m):
    • farmyard manure, lime, chicken muck, residual material, ...
  • The DISCUS ensures extremely precise spreading of the fertilizer, even with small dosages. 
  • 2 horizontal beaters with large diameter (650mm)
  • Spreader table composed of 2 galvanized spreader discs(diam.1000mm)
  • 4 adjustable blades
  • The beaters are covered with an adjustable hydraulic hood. 


Horizontal beaters




All options are included in the brochure, which is downloadable on this page. 
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